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Civil Duty Court

The Civil Duty Court handles UNCONTESTED civil matters as provided by Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure Article 253.3 and Local Rule 3.2 of the Louisiana Rules of Court for the Nineteenth Judicial District Court.  These certain matters are processed through the Civil Duty Office by staff members Rose Christian and Susan Bienville.  Other matters, including successions, default judgment confirmations, tutorships, trusts and revival judgments, are reviewed by the Staff Attorney for the Civil Duty CourtDiana Gibbens.  

For more information about specific matters that are handled by the Duty Court Office, click this link.

To access the Duty Court Schedule click here.

Contact Information

Office Suite 2401


(225) 389-4935


(225) 389-4783



Susan Bienville

Rose Christian

Staff Attorney for Civil Duty Court

Diana Gibbens